Company Director

“A great director is the jack of all trades, and the master of none.”

Starting at QUT as an aspiring film Director, Dominic chose to do the Drama course over film as it offered more exposure to performance and theatre history, as well as an excellent amount of practical work in creative development in and out of team environments. While there, Dominic directed the experimental Cain (adapted from Lord Byron) and a postmodern work titled The Lizard Queen Project. He also worked with Shane Anthony as Assistant Director on Agamemnon (Stephen Berkoff). He also wrote a short film titled “Jackpot.”

After graduating, Dominic immersed himself in film sets starting with Sleeper in 2007. Working under Judd Tilyard as Production Coordinator as his first feature experience taught Dominic about the immense effort and knowledge required to put together a feature film. Soon after, Dominic moved to London for more experience.

While there, Dominic found himself working as a photographer’s assistant and teaching actor workshops. Professionally, Dominic was able to secure work on several shorts, music videos, and TV commercials as an Assistant Director, eventually running the sets as a 1st. While in London, he was introduced to Lance Reynolds and has been working with Lance ever since in project development. After a year, he moved back to Australia.

Almost as soon as he arrived, Dominic found work on the small independent film, “Come and Get Me” by first time director Chris Sun. Working behind the scenes as anything from Gaffer to the staple First AD, Dominic assisted the production in any way he could. As recognition for his role in seeing the film through to the end and delivering a final product, he was credited as a producer. It was also the beginning of a his experience as a producer that saw him develop, script edit, shoot and deliver two more features with Chris Sun, the award winning Daddy’s Little Girl, and the recently released Charlie’s Farm.

In that same time, Dominic also wrote his first two screenplays, Gemini, and No Rest for the Wicked. Toward the end of 2015, Dominic was offered his first Directorial position on the independent feature film, Thicker than Water, starring Pete Murray, Chai Romruen and Anthony Brandon Wong, and written by and starring newcomer Ellie Popov.

Dominic is currently in post-production for Thicker than Water, and training actors as a tutor for NIDA.